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TERPS Ship-to-Ship Combat

This section of the TERPS rules is currently under development.

The current concept of the TERPS system for Ship-to-Ship combat (which I assume is the predominant form of combat in the FEU) is that each superpower (Alliance, Imperials & Federation) each has their own unique style of fighting.
The combat style of each superpower is suited to the type of vessel they predominately produce.

The Alliance mostly produces fast, light fighters (the Saker III being their flagship) so its combat style tends to focus on finesse and defense.

The Imperials build the best Battleships (such as the Mighty Imperial Courier) so the Imperial combat style focuses more on bringing their tremendous firepower to bear, and using marksmanship to strike from a safe distance.

The Federation builds the best balanced combat craft (the Asp being the bounty hunter's favourite) and it trains combateers to have a well-rounded combat style.

OBVIOUSLY not all Alliance craft are nippy little fighters (Griffin) and not all Imperial ships are grat big battlecruisers (Osprey). And the Federation makes craft that go to both extremes (Panther + Falcon).

Pilots who choose to fly craft like this just need to show a little tenacity and find a well-travelled combat instructor who can teach them more 'unorthodox' methods.
It's not impossible, so pilots can choose to specialise in whatever style they wish, no matter where they start out.

Each style will have a collection of Basic and Advanced maneuvers.

Basic maneuvers are available to anyone who has a pilots lisence, as part of their generic combat traning.
They cover the basics of one-on-one fighting and evasion. As well as a neat trick that each style has.

Advanced maneuvers are available to those who train in advanced ship-to-ship combat and give an extra edge in combat. They cover special maneuvers which are more difficult but give a better chance of sucessful attack, as well as formation meaneuvers that make things really unfair if you want to gang up on someone.
Obviously, formation maneuvers can only be used if all the pilots know the same style.

Right now, I'm developing the maneuvers themselves, and they will come with their own names, which will probably be very lame indeed. If you have better ideas for names (or better ideas, period) get your keister on the mailing list!