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On the TERPS
HQ for The Elite Role Playing System:

TERPS - What is it all about?

The Frontier Elite Universe (FEU) based on the 'Elite' series of games by David Braben and Ian Bell has grown to become a phenomenon greater than a mere computer game.
The reams of fanfiction based in the universe show a desire by many to expand the scope beyond that which is allowed by video create a character, a unique persona interacting with the FEU beyond the realm of their spaceship.
This is a need, which I believe can only be satisfied by a full fledged RPG system, which allows these characters the full freedom to do whatever they wish, bounded only by their imagination.

TERPS Gameworld:

The first aim in the TERPS project is to create a cohesive do this we need to satisfy the 5 'W factors'

When & hoW - Firstly, a timeline for the FEU, giving it a concrete history. The rise to power of the Federation, Empire and Alliance, as well as the corporations and organizations that shape the FEU.
Where - Fortunately, the starmaps already exist in the Elite games, but more detail into systems and worlds and cities therein need to be written and clarified.
Who - The cultures, corporations, politics and VIPs in the diverse FEU need to be established.
Why? - What's in it for you? You could be interested in the TERPS project for many reasons. Fanfiction writers will be able to interact with each other in a huge collaboration to create a concrete vision and allow their conception of the FEU to become a reality to many more people. Character players can see it as an opportunity to have a diverse setting for their personas to live in that is uniquely 'Elite'. And Gamers who have wanted a deeper Elite experience finally have a system and setting ready for them.

TERPS System:

Development on the TERPS system hasn't commenced yet. This is because I do not yet know what the Elite community wants from such a system. At the moment, my visions for the TERPS system is one that focuses on having as few stats as possible, leaving it accessible for more than just the gamers. Currently, I'm considering basing it on the Tri-Stat system, created by the Guardians of Order who are known for such RPGs as Big Eyes Small Mouth. The concept being that there are only three main stats to keep track of. The question is, what are the three qualities that make someone great in the FEU. I'm not talking about things such as a Panther Clipper, Large Plasma Accelerator and a rank of Prince in the Imperial Navy, but innate qualities. For now, they are the three spheres of expertise....for example: Combat, Social and Tech.
Anyone with any other ideas for how to structure TERPS contact me.

How do I get in on The project?

The chosen method of discussion for TERPS related ideas is a mailing list. Right now the membership is unmoderated, and as long as it remains idiot free (which I do not think will be very long) then you merely need to send an e-mail to Feel free to contribute any ideas, opinions, whatever you believe  would be a genuine contribution to TERPS. Keep in mind that since the current focus is on gameworld development, rules statistics and other such things are really not appropriate things to contribute right now.
Sure, maybe you've whipped up a bunch of statistics about the Fer-De-Lance, but without the gameworld established, and nobody around to have even built it, let alone pilot it, who cares!
There will be a place for such things later, but right now, establishing the Elite Universe is the most important thing.

TERPS System so far:

TERPS Man-to-man Combat

TERPS Ship-to-Ship Combat

Current TERPS Developments:

Elite Universe Timeline.

The Political Superpowers.

TERPS Character Attributes.

TERPS Ship Attributes.

Systems of Note.

Individuals and Organisations of Note.

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Elite, and associated concepts are the creation and intellectual property of Ian Bell and David Braben.