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TERPS: Combat Section:

Man-to-Man Combat:

Unarmoured, one hit from a blaster or firearm is going to either kill you, or render you critically wounded and unconcious from wound shock (GM's discretion).
It's for this reason that man-to-man combat is generally avoided in the FEU.
Melee weapons are going to either kill you or knock you unconcious in twice as many hits (GM's discretion, depends on type of weapon) but have the advantage that most people have no training in melee combat and are defenseless against it.
Armour allows you to take extra hits, obviously, the more hits the armour can take, the more expensive, heavy, and conspicuous it is. You can only wear armour that has a protection rating that is equal to, or less than your combat rating.

Attack sequence:

Combat + 1d6
If initiative scores tie, the person with the higher combat score goes first. If they are still tied, then the actions are considered simultaneous.

Attacker makes attack roll: Combat + 1d6
Defendeder makes defense roll: Combat + 1d6
Those with the advanced man-to-man combat ability get a +2 bonus on attack and defense rolls.
The defender gets NO defense roll against a melee weapon attack from a trained opponent.

If the attacker has the higher roll, he hits. If the defender has a higher roll, the attack was dodged.

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